I’ve always wanted to try this recipe, especially after I came across it on pintrest and instagram, so i decided to make my own! I love tomatoes and I have an obsession with olives, so what better way to enjoy the best of both? Bringing them together of course 😉 This recipe is pretty simple and you can tweak it to your suiting.


1 large semi crunchy tomato ( you don’t want it too ripe because it will create a juicy mess)
2 tbsp green olives
A handful of steamed asparagus
2 thin slices of organic partly skimmed mozzarella cheese
3-4 thin cucumber slices
A handful of organic raw baby spinach
Half a medium avocado
5 raspberries
Light sprinkle of organic light feta cheese
Salt and black pepper to taste

Stack these babies up however you like and enjoy! You can also modify the ingredients and get creative 🙂

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