Get creative with your left over candy canes by making these Peachy Pom Candy Cane Cocktails for your guests this holiday season!

It’s been a crazy busy week! With Christmas and boxing day spent with my family in Kitchener, as well as running around these last few days of 2016, I’ve been swamped! Nonetheless, its been a great few days and I’m also looking forward to the New Year! I’m not one to make resolutions because I’m a strong believer in living your best self and full potential everyday.


However, it’s always a positive thing to look forward to a New Year because for some, a New Year could be a new beginning to start things on a clean or new slate. The New Year could also be a year to look forward to new opportunities or goals that you hope to achieve. I for one I’m quite positive that I will be able to accomplish some personal goals of mine in the New Year. One of those personal goals is to continue to bring my lovely readers new and improved healthy recipes to guide you through 2017 and beyond!


Now these peachy pom candy cane cocktails are super easy and very delicious. Believe me when I tell you how may times I made these and how much of a hit they were with my family. You can also omit the alcohol if you want to make them kid friendly. If you are also planning on throwing a party or casual get together on NYE, these cocktails would be perfect to celebrate the New Year! I wish you all an amazing New Year full of happiness and good vibes!


Ingredients: yields 2 cocktails

¼ cup vodka
1/3 cup peach schnapps
1.5 cups pomegranate juice
¼ cup diet tonic water
Ice cubes
2 candy canes

Place all ingredients except candy canes in a martini shaker and mix. Place 1 candy cane in each glass and pour mixture into the glasses. Serve right away!

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