As we get ready to start the holiday festivities, serve your hor d’oeuvres and roll out these Blackcurrant Citrus Blender Negronis for your happy guests.

And may the countdown to the holidays begin! I promise I haven’t been on a cocktail binge lately…or maybe I have…who knows? All I can promise is that you will absolutely enjoy my cocktail recipes! A promise I will try to uphold (oh great now I’m nervous). It’s amazing how quickly the year went by. I’m pretty sure I said the same thing at the end on 2016, but at the time I figured that 2017 would go by a little slower, or at least that was the hope, not the expectation.

Now here we are; it’s November, the leaves are still falling, I’m back in my high boots and burgundy coats, and drinking teas and lattes every chance I get. Can’t say I don’t love it, can’t also say I don’t miss the warm weather and wearing my sun hats while lounging on a patio.

Although I usually create healthy recipes, I also believe in balance, hence why I occasionally create alcoholic beverages because why not? Plus, according to my google analytics, the majority of my readers range from ages 25-39 and over. So I think its safe to assume that my lovely readers are of legal drinking age and also enjoy a decent cocktail every now and then. Yay!

A traditional negroni is usually made with parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth poured over ice and topped with an orange slice. It’s basically an easier version of an old fashioned. However, since I’m a fan of sweeter based cocktails, I made this negroni a little sweeter than the traditional version by adding a little twist to it. These blackcurrant citrus blender negronis were also made in my Vitamix Ascent series blender.

Prep time
Total time
Serve your hor d'oeuvres and roll out these Blackcurrant Citrus Blender Negronis for your happy guests.
Recipe type: Holiday Cocktail
Serves: 3 servings
  1. Add all ingredients into a Vitamix blender and pulse on medium speed. You can also add more ice if you want it too look like a slushy. Serve and enjoy.



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