Detox Thursdays anyone? I usually save my cheat days for the weekend, but like any other event as I would like to call it, I always prepare myself. Part of eating clean and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is knowing how to find efficient methods to incorporate your daily doses of fruits and vegetables into your regimen, and the best methods I’ve come across so far are through juicing and green smoothies. Frankly, I don’t count calories (it’s a huge waste of time), and I don’t calculate the amount or percentage of fruits and vegetables I need to consume on a daily basis, that seems like a full time job, and I already have one, so moving on lol……


How do I incorporate fruits and vegetables into my diet? Easy! I always make sure I have a fruity green smoothie everyday, I juice twice a week, and I try to have a salad or any other type of root vegetable with my lunch or dinner. Trust me, it’s not so bad, your body will get used to it and plus they taste great depending on how you make them! So your tastebuds will thank you as well 🙂

As much as I encourage juicing, it is quite time consuming and hard to do everyday, so I usually limit my juicing to only twice a week, but I have a green smoothie everyday to balance it out. If you don’t have a juicer, that’s okay! Green smoothies work just fine.


I found this amazing chart above which I believe is an amazing guideline to follow, especially for those who are new to juicing. It tells you the health and nutritional benefits of each fruit and vegetable, so depending on what your body is craving, you can combine a whole bunch of these superfoods and create a healthy, cleansing, and refreshing juice 🙂

If you want more information about juicing and the type of juicers to purchase, you can locate it on my Blood Purifier Juice post. Cheers guys!


1 organic gala apple
2 organic navel oranges
1 organic zucchini
2 organic celery stalks
1 bunch organic parsley
A handful of organic mint leaves
Half a small cucumber
Half a lemon
Two organic kiwis (peeled)
A handful of organic baby carrots

Throw all ingredients in a juicer and juice away, then gulp until to reach ultimate satisfaction 🙂

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    What a way to press the RESTART button on the week. Incredible.

    1. Thanks sweetie! I agree! It’s like your morning redbull 🙂

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        Love that, the morning red bull. Absolutely!

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