It’s Monday! And boy did this year go by like a speed rocket. Anyways, before heading to work, I had a sudden craving for something fresh, light, and a little bit sweet and savoury, so I made these!


Clearly my rice paper rolling skills need some work, but boy were these hard to roll! Chefs make it look so easy, and obviously way prettier than this so I apologize, but practise makes perfect 😉


After several failed attempts, I finally figured out the trick to making these close to perfect. First, I found that using two rice paper sheets instead of one made it easier to handle and prevented the sheets from ripping. Secondly, soaking the sheets in a bowl filled with hot tap water until they were slightly withered made it easier to roll, because if the sheets get too soft, they become difficult to lay on a flat surface because of the folds. But trust me, the labour was worth it 🙂

Recipe: serves 2

4 sheets of Vietnamese rice paper
1 cup organic raw shrimp (peeled and cooked)
1/2 cup organic pineapple chunks or slices
A handful of organic bell red peppers (sliced)
A handful of organic cucumbers (sliced)
A handful of organic carrots (sliced)
A handful of organic field greens
Salt and pepper to taste
Organic coconut aminos (for seasoning)

First, prepare your shrimp and remaining ingredients and set aside.

Fill a large bowl with hot tap water. Take one rice paper sheet and place it in the bowl for about 5-7 seconds, or until it is slightly withered. Don’t leave it in for too long or it will be difficult to wrap/roll.

Place the first sheet on a clean flat surface, then top the sheet with a handful of leaves and spread them out evenly.

Place a second sheet in the hot water. If you find the water warm, toss it out and refill the bowl with hot tap water. Place the second sheet on top of the first sheet with the leaves and flatten out the edges.

Place all your remaining ingredients in the middle of the sheet, then take one end of the sheet and fold it to the other end until firm. Next, roll the sheet from where the ingredients are to the end of the sheet, tucking in the edges as you go along until you get to the end, then cut the rolls in half.

Repeat the process of the remaining sheets, depending on how many you want.

*This method worked for me, but feel free to freestyle and if you found an alternative method that works best for you, don’t hesitate to share 🙂

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