Happy Tuesday guys! It’s almost halloween! So I decided to make these candy corn parfait teasers, since candy corns are a halloween candy staple.


I only garnished the parfait with the candy corns, so feel free to omit those if you want, but I say have a little fun! I mean halloween is only once a year right? Go for it 😉 I already celebrated halloween on Saturday with my lovely girlfriends since it’s on a Thursday, and we dressed up as the three main characters of Sesame Street! Can you guess who we are?


Yup! Bert (me), The Cookie Monster, and Ernie! Sesame Street revamped. As I always say, if you follow all the rules, you won’t have any fun 😉 Have a great day everyone!

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      1. Nickie Brook says:

        I need to try and write these down for when my little one is old enough to enjoy them!

        1. These can also be enjoyed by adults, so feel free to give these a test drive before your little one can enjoy them 🙂

          1. Nickie Brook says:

            Thanks for the tip 🙂

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