I’m sure you all know the benefits of drinking water, but sometimes, it could be somewhat difficult getting your daily amounts of water a day, plus drinking plain water isn’t something to look forward to (except you are water obsessed like me) because it isn’t exciting. However, you have to drink more water and drink less (or slowly eliminate) sugary beverages and limit those to occasional indulgences, because a lot of processed drinks contain high amounts of sugar which can be detrimental to your health in so many ways. So then, what better way to spice up your water than to infuse it with fresh ingredients that are refreshing and loaded with nutrition? Get creative! I would recommend adding citrus fruits to your infused water, particularly lemon. Infused waters that contain lemon have a variety of nutritional and health benefits, such as keeping the body hydrated, aiding in weight loss, kidney health (which is essential for excreting waste and regulating blood pressure), and loaded with vitamin C (which also serves as an essential immune booster). Plus, it is also very beneficial for maintaining healthy and glowing skin! Adding lemon or any citrus fruit to your infused water is a perfect way to start your morning, so think of it as your morning tea which would wake up your metabolism and help it function throughout the day :).

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