Tis the season! Finally, the festivities can begin. So on that note, may the festivities begin with these Butterscotch Eggnog Cocktails! Or as I’d prefer to call it, Santa’s Potion.


Rather than leave milk and cookies for Santa, just leave him these butterscotch eggnog cocktails and he will definitely leave you more gifts under your christmas tree while enjoying his happy juice. You guys cannot even imagine how excited I was to share these with your lovely faces! I’m already in a festive mood and will be sharing more holiday recipes on my blog!

Some people may suggest that I may have taken a lazy method to making these cocktails since the eggnog was not made from scratch. However, I prefer to defend it as an easy method, because why make eggnog from scratch when you can get yourself an Old Tom ready and waiting for you to enjoy? I mean I am 99% in favour of making things from scratch especially since I make most of my recipes that way. But sometimes, it’s okay to allow some brands take care of you! Plus, I still added some extra touches to it. So with that said, save your eggs for baking. Here are the ingredients and gadgets you need for Santa’s Potion:

8oz Eggnog
4oz Butterscotch Shnapps (Apple Shnapps will work as well)
Pinch of cinnamon
Martini shaker
2 glasses
Sugar to rim the glasses (I used cane sugar)


All you have to do is pour all of the ingredients except the cinnamon into a martini shaker and shake away like an aspiring bar tender. Sprinkle with some cinnamon and enjoy the experience! These Butterscotch Eggnog Cocktails make for a great adult dessert, or can be enjoyed by the warm fireplace while your family shares Stories about Krumpus. Way to kill the festive mood huh? Okay I take that back. Stick to happy stories and make fun memories with your loved ones this season. And of course, enjoy responsively😊

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